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January 2015

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Aviation Technical Services (ATS) has acquired Texas Air Composites (TAC), a FAA Part145 Repair Station specialising in composite structural fabrication, support and repair for regional, commercial and military aircraft. Located in Fort Worth, TX, TAC has an experienced team of over 100 employees and operates over 12,800m² of climate?controlled facilities.


TAC fits into the ATS strategy to grow and diversify its customer base, capabilities and geographic reach. Today, ATS is principally serving commercial airlines and OEMs; TAC adds a focus on regional airline and military customers. In addition, TAC specialises in advanced composite repair on Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer fleets, while ATS provides a suite of component, engineering and airframe services primarily for Boeing product lines. Finally, the Dallas Fort Worth area is a hub for both the aerospace and aviation industries, and it’s in close proximity to the new ATS heavy airframe maintenance facility in Kansas City, MO.


Sabena Aerospace is the new name of Sabena technics Brussels, which is no longer a member of TAT Group. It has become an independent Belgian company led by Stéphane Burton, formerly Managing Director of Sabena technics Brussels and now Chief Executive Officer and principal shareholder of Sabena Aerospace. The new company, with a 400-strong workforce, will focus on maintenance and operational solutions for both civil and military aircraft, as well as continue to strengthen its position in Africa from its base in Brussels. In addition to standard maintenance operations – such as line maintenance, support for military and state operators (in particular maintenance of the Lockheed Martin C-130), overhaul and repair of aircraft structures, wheel and brake maintenance, and specialised support (NDT, laboratory, LSE, batteries, tubing, etc) – Sabena Aerospace will also be developing new services such as design, engineering and consultancy. By way of example, the company specialises in the design and development of onboard integrated medical units for the evacuation of injured members of the armed forces. Ultimately, Sabena Aerospace envisages extending this concept to civil aircraft. As well as the diversification in terms of range of services offered, Sabena Aerospace also proposes to expand geographically by creating a line maintenance services offer in Africa, a continent that will see strong growth in the coming year, and will require support in the area of certified maintenance. In fact, Sabena Aerospace has recently established a presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa) and Tanzania (Dar es Salaam), with the next phase in Sub-Saharan Africa scheduled for 2015.


Sabena Aerospace aims to generate revenue of around €55 million in 2015.

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