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October 2016

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AAR has acquired an aircraft paint stripping and washing business, Sonic Aviation, located at Miami International Airport. Sonic’s strip and wash services, including ground support equipment, complements AAR’s existing aircraft painting business.


Aviation Technical Services (ATS) has acquired Texas Pneumatics Systems (TPS), which, along with Turbine Fuel Systems (TFS), and Aviation Industry Repair (AIR), forms TPS Aerospace. Located near Fort Worth, TX, with about 100 staff, TPS provides repair and overhaul services for commercial airlines, predominantly for pneumatic and fuel related components and systems.


The combined businesses meet all OEM requirements for servicing highly specialised pneumatic and fuel valves, starters, air cycle machines, cooling turbines and pneumatic drive units, submersible pumps, engine driven and boost pumps, APU controls and fuel controls. ATS already has a working relationship with TPS through its machine shop, AIR. Aside from the internal sharing of information, this acquisition will not immediately change operations of either company. Due to the fact that both companies operate privately, the purchase price was not disclosed.


Dubai Aerospace Enterprise has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire 80% of Joramco from the Abraaj Group. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


ST Aerospace has announced that Madrid Aerospace Services, its 50% owned associated company with Iberia Maintenance, has been liquidated. The liquidation is the result of ongoing business review on the group’s landing gear strategy to streamline capabilities and optimise resources within the aerospace sector.

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