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October 2015

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Panasonic Avionics Corporation has been chosen by AirAsia to equip its aircraft with the FlightLink aircraft tracking and flight deck communications system. Additionally, Panasonic will be providing their new AirMap suite of products, enabling Aeronautical Operation Control (AOC) fleet communications, management and aircraft tracking. FlightLink will be initially installed on 90 Airbus A320s to ensure the aircraft is connected to the airline’s ground operations 24 hours a day.


FlightLink has also been selected by Peninsula Airways (PenAir), one of the largest regional airlines in Alaska and the Northeast US, for 18 Saab 340 and three Saab 2000 aircraft. With FlightLink, PenAir adds AOC voice, data, and aircraft positioning and tracking to its fleet.


Panasonic’s FlightLink uses Iridium’s global satellite-based communications system to support flight deck voice and data communication, as well as autonomous GPS-based flight tracking, in all areas in which AirAsia flies. It provides real-time non-transponder based aircraft position reports anywhere in the world. The system includes a dedicated Iridium satellite data link and operates automatically, requiring no crew involvement. Each FlightLink-equipped aircraft can be monitored in real time through a web-based tracking tool. Additionally, the system can independently capture and relay aircraft systems’ information, as well as the weather environment in which the aircraft is flying.


The system also provides fully integrated data communications for the aircraft’s ACARS system and Electronic Flight Bags.

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