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February 2015

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AircraftConversions has redelivered the first converted full Fokker50 Freighter (msn 20149) to Amapola Flyg in Sweden. The second Fokker50 (msn 20216) will start its full freighter conversion process able to take advantage of the newly approved Pre-Assembly Modification Package for the large forward cargo door. This can be delivered direct to the conversion house and reduces time considerably. Redelivery for the second aircraft is scheduled for as early as 2Q15.


HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance has received the first Boeing 767 of its new customer Iraqi Airways for a C check in its facility at Frankfurt-Hahn. A second 767 and two 747-400s are scheduled within the next months.


JorAMCo has signed a long-term contract with flydubai to provide Boeing 737-800 C checks, entry into service (EIS) and lease hand backs from 2015 to 2017. The agreement is an extension to an existing relationship that began in 2013.


Precision Aircraft Solutions has begun conversion of two Rolls-Royce-powered Boeing 757-200PCF aircraft. The first aircraft (msn 27203), and the first for Asia Pacific Airlines, was carried out at the AeroTurbine MRO facility in Goodyear, AZ. Asia Pacific Airlines currently operates a fleet of three 727 freighters in the western and southern Pacific areas, primarily carrying US mail and fresh tuna for the US and Japanese markets. The second (msn 25886) is the 10th Precision conversion for Chinese cargo carrier SF Airlines since 2009. Air China Technics is performing the conversion at Chengdu.


The company has also received FAA approval for a new Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) increase on both winglet and non-winglet-equipped Precision Conversions freighters. The most recent upgrade authorisation allows Precision to further increase MZFW to as high as 200,000lb (90,718kg), 12,000lb (5,443kg) over the OEM highest certificated MZFW for Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney-powered 757s. This translates to gross structural payloads of up to 84,000lb (38,101kg) for Rolls-Royce PCF variants and 82,000lb (37,194kg) for Pratt-powered PCF variants. It applies to aircraft after msn 210. The weight upgrade greatly expands available feedstock for operators and improves residual value for owners. Today, there are over 300 low-cycle 757 candidates newer than 1992 with potential to receive this modification.

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