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May 2015

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Rockwell Collins says its large-format flight displays, inspired by the same display system found on the Boeing 787, have been selected by Denmark-based Star Air for its fleet of 11 Boeing 767-200BDSF cargo aircraft. The new flight deck is a collaboration between Rockwell Collins and Boeing for the 757 and 767 aftermarket. Installation and subsequent EASA certification of Star Air’s flight display retrofit will begin later this year. The 757/767 upgrade features three large-format 15.1in LCD displays that replace six cathode ray tube displays and numerous analogue instruments to provide operators with a number of benefits. These include being the only Boeing and Rockwell Collins-supported retrofit 757/767 display system; the only display retrofit available with engine-indication and crew-alerting system (EICAS) data on LCD displays; maintenance savings driven by significant increase in new display system reliability; 68kg weight saving; and a platform to incorporate future safety-enhancing technology such as airport taxi maps, data link weather, surface guidance, and synthetic and enhanced vision systems.


Thomas Global Systems has launched its TFD-7000 Series plug-and-play LCD replacements for the Rockwell Collins EDU-776D and EDU-766D CRT displays installed in Boeing 757 and 767 cockpits. The innovations are form, fit, function replacements for EFIS-700 CRT system displays, providing a total CRT-to-LCD replacement solution: including EADI, EHSI and EICAS displays.


The TFD-7000 Series has been developed with input from 757 and 767 owners, operators and lessors and aims to tackle the challenges of aging CRTs, particularly with growing concerns about the lack of cost-effective upgrade alternatives for 757 and 767 fleets. The LCD solution eliminates any obsolescence threat, increases system reliability, and drives down maintenance costs. The TFD-7000 Series allows operators to get the most out of their existing cockpit investments, eliminating expensive full cockpit upgrades. and changes to cockpit panels or wiring, equipment downtime and flight crew retraining.


The TFD-7000 Series features Thomas Global Systems’ Adaptive Display Architecture (TADA), a flexible display design providing an adaptable platform that can accommodate NextGen capabilities and evolving technologies. The importance of adaptability is even more fundamental with changing legislation. The ADS-B mandate takes effect from 1 January 2020 and requires all aircraft operating in controlled airspace to be equipped with the new GPS-based identification technology. Thomas Global Systems’ retrofit solutions are ADS-B ready and support integration for this legislation.


In addition to offering major weight savings - the new units are approximately 70% lighter than the existing CRT modules – the TFD-7000 Series displays generate less heat than existing CRTs and are operational with reduced power consumption.

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