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August 2015

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Associated Air Center, through its in-house Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) delegation, has obtained FAA STC approval for its first installation of a Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) System, as part of the requirements for Future Air Navigation System (FANS) on a Boeing 737-300 VVIP aircraft.


This low time/cycles 737-300 platform, manufactured in 1990 and operated by a head of state customer, is an out-of-production classic aircraft. While CPDLC/FANS certification is available for new generation aircraft, Boeing does not offer a technical solution, in the form of a service bulletin, or master change of FAA approved engineering data. Neither does it offer a parts kit for the installation and integration of the CPDLC/FANS system on older aircraft.


AAC’s in-house engineering department developed the engineering data package to support the installation and integration to qualify for the required FAA STC approval for this system. The workscope included the installation of new FANS compliant systems including: a Flight Management System; an Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System; an Iridium Satcom System; and a Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) equipped with a back-up battery (replacing the original CVR). It also involved installing a new VHF Communications antenna, a new GPS antenna, and a new Iridium communications antenna.

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