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November 2016

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Airbus has launched a head-up display (HUD) retrofit programme for Chinese operators, applicable to all Airbus aircraft families. The decision to launch the HUD retrofit programme follows the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s recent requirement for all Chinese airlines to be equipped with HUD by the year 2025. Moreover, the staged implementation requires that at least half of the Chinese fleet should already be fitted with HUDs by 2020. To address this, the Airbus managed retrofit programme will enable operators to phase-in their HUD installations concurrently with other upgrades or scheduled maintenance checks.


Furthermore, aircraft which are equipped with the HUDs are set to benefit from new minimum landing requirements, which in turn will allow increased traffic volumes to and from Chinese airports as landings and takeoffs become more efficient. Notably, aircraft which are not equipped with a HUD may have to wait for landing slots.


Rockwell Collins has signed an avionics repair agreement with Airbus to support its fleet of five A300-600ST Beluga aircraft used to transport major aircraft structural assemblies between the various Airbus manufacturing facilities. The agreement includes support for communication systems, including Iridium satcom; HF Radio and Link 2000+ capable datalink with VDL Mode 2; radio navigation systems; and surveillance systems including weather radar, TCAS and Mode S Transponder. 

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