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April 2016

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Aeronautical Engineers, Inc (AEI) has signed a contract with Kalitta Charters to provide the company with its second 11-pallet position Boeing 737-400SF freighter conversion. The aircraft built in 1989 (MSN 24271) is high gross weight variant and is being modified at Commercial Jet’s Miami, FL facility. The freighter will be re-delivered to Kalitta in June 2016.


Ameco has signed a heavy maintenance contract with Zhejiang Loong Airlines to perform C checks for its Airbus A320s. The first aircraft arrived in late March. Ameco also offers landing gear overhaul, components repair and line maintenance for the carrier, which has 14 Airbus A320s and three Boeing 737s.


Associated Air Center (AAC) has completed and redelivered the company’s first VVIP Boeing 747-8 for a Middle-Eastern Head of State customer. The aircraft departed 35 days ahead of the contractual redelivery schedule. Following a thorough review of several cabin design concepts offered by several outside designers, the customer chose AAC’s in-house design department to create an elegant, contemporary interior featuring purpose-specific cabin zones (resting, meeting, dining, lounging, gaming and medical areas).


The 445m² upper and main deck cabins were supplemented with the integration of a 36.5m² module installed above the aft passenger cabin, accommodating eight private sleeping compartments and a changing area. The VVIP cabin systems feature AVOD available to all passengers through in-arm, personal, LCD touchscreens and large 55 inch bulkhead mounted LED monitors, providing passengers with a large library of HD videos and a Passenger Flight Information System (PFIS) providing HD, 3D, worldwide moving maps and aircraft location. In addition, the cabin includes Multi-Region Satellite TV, Satcom Broad Band (SBB) allowing access to the internet and video conferencing, in-seat outlets for charging Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs), external HD cameras for landscape viewing, LED mood lighting providing an array of pre-programmed scenarios, and a multi-zonal cabin humidification system to improve passenger comfort during long missions. Additional potable and grey water tanks were installed to support the integration of nine lavatories, three of which are equipped with showers and three strategically located galley complexes.


AAC’s in-house certification Organizational Designation Authorization (ODA) team, working with multiple aviation regulatory agencies, obtained several FAA STCs applicable to this highly customised cabin configuration, as well as other EASA and customer country validations.


HAECO Americas has extended its Boeing 737NG airframe maintenance contract with Alaska Airlines to 2020. The initial Alaska Airlines maintenance agreement was first executed in 2010, and was extended for the first time in 2013. In addition to the extended contract, HAECO Americas is currently collaborating with Alaska Airlines on an ongoing large-scale cabin improvement programme. HAECO Cabin Solutions, a business unit of HAECO Americas that is also based in Greensboro, NC,  provided key support to Alaska Airlines in Phase 1 of its interior reconfiguration programme, which involved over 100 aircraft. HAECO Cabin Solutions will continue to offer support during Phase 2 of the programme, which will begin later this year.


IPR Conversions recently held its first Large Cargo Door (LCD) cutting ceremony at ASI-Maintenance in Toulouse-Francazal, its aircraft conversion centre. Summit Air of Canada, owner of the ATR 72 (MSN 444), is the launch customer for the LCD Conversion programme triggered by the acquisition of the STC. This follows the first Structural Tube conversion completed in December 2015, also on behalf of Summit Air. Engineers have completed the skin removal, an important milestone for the project. The installation of the Large Cargo Door and the surroundings will be completed by late April. The aircraft will be equipped with an Ancra Cargo Loading System capable of carrying five 88in x 108in containers. Together with VRR in the Netherlands, tailor-made containers have been designed to increase the containerised volume from 42.6m³ to 50m³, plus an additional bulk capacity of 13.3m³, allowing the operator to accept last minute shipments.


Loganair, a Flybe franchise partner, has introduced the first of 13 aircraft to be completely transformed as part of the airline’s £3.5 million renewal programme for its Saab 340 fleet. The aircraft’s interior and exterior have been completely overhauled at a cost of almost £270,000.


Improvements to the aircraft include the installation of new lightweight, ergonomically-designed modern seating to provide improved legroom; recovering of all interior panels to help reduce vibration; installation of sound proofing between the interior panels and aircraft structure to improve cabin acoustics; new LED lighting to enhance cabin ambience; and new carpeting throughout the cabin. The aircraft was also repainted in franchise partner Flybe’s new purple branding.


Loganair’s engineering crews also co-ordinated the renewal project to be completed in conjunction with the aircraft’s heavy maintenance check. The combined renewal and maintenance work was completed by a team of 32 engineers, working in shifts seven days a week. Approximately 7,000 manhours were invested in the process.


Precision Aircraft Solutions has redelivered the 14th Boeing 757 passenger-to-freighter conversion – MSN 27621 – to SF Airlines of China.


Precision Aircraft Solutions has redelivered two more converted Boeing 757 freighters to operate in the DHL global network. The first conversion – MSN 27974 – a former Yakutia aircraft, was completed at HAECO Americas in Greensboro, NC, and redelivered to Chennai, India, for DHL affiliate Blue Dart Aviation. The second conversion – MSN 29443 – a former Nordwind aircraft, was completed at Flightstar in Jacksonville, FL, for DHL airline subsidiary EAT Leipzig.


The PACAVI Group is moving forward with the STC development for their Airbus A320/A321 passenger-to-freighter conversion. The STC programme started in January 2015 and is progressing on schedule, including the conversion of the prototype A320 Freighter LITE at the HAITEC facility at Frankfurt/Hahn airport in Germany. The preliminary design review was carried out in December, followed by the first pre-modification tests. A critical design review will take place in the coming weeks.


Volga-Dniepr Gulf in Sharjah, UAE, from 9 January to 17 February 2016, under contract to Air Atlanta, carried out major rework, painting, cabin reconfiguration and customisation on an ex-Air France Boeing 747-400. The specially painted and uniquely configured aircraft will be used for the ‘Book of Souls’ world concert tour by Iron Maiden.

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