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August 2016

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Esterline CMC Electronics has received EASA STC approval for its CMA-9000 Flight Management System (FMS) on the A300-600. The company was awarded a contract by a European cargo airline in 2015 to upgrade the legacy FMS on its fleet of 21 A300-600 aircraft. CMC has supplied its latest generation CMA-9000 FMS with Vertical Navigation functionality as part of the upgrade. The upgraded A300-600s will now have a much larger navigation database, improved performance optimisation and an upgrade path to increased datalink capability. The installation consists of dual CMA-9000 FMSs, providing the aircraft with multi-sensory based navigation and enhanced operational capability. Deliveries began in early 2016 and will continue until August 2016.


The CMA-9000’s large navigation database capability offers flexible global operations and will allow the aircraft to make the most efficient use of the airspace as it is modernised over the next 20 years. The fleet will comply with the forecasted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for the Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) system.


Esterline CMC Electronics has received EASA STC approval for the Electronic Flight Instrument System upgrade on ATR 42/72 aircraft with its CMA-6800 Display Solution. The CMA-6800 is a modern, Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD), form-fit and function interchangeable solution for legacy Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays. There is absolutely no change in cockpit operations since the unit is installed seamlessly with existing symbol generators and control panels. The CMA-6800 display operates at a cooler temperature and offers significant improvements in reliability and weight, and lower life-cycle costs compared to legacy CRTs. It is the optimal, cost-effective alternative to replacing old CRT displays. The upgrade can be quickly done with no retraining required and with minimum disruption to aircraft operations. The design of the CMA-6800 also has built-in I/O and processor provisions to add functional capabilities for future as well as current mandates.


HEICO Corporation has announced that its Flight Support Group Subsidiary, Inertial Aerospace Services, entered into a License Agreement with Northrop Grumman Corporation to perform the overhaul and repair of select inertial reference units and associated accessories. In conjunction with this agreement, Inertial Aerospace Services will receive Northrop Grumman’s parts inventory and test equipment for the Northrop Grumman licensed products. The agreement also provides access to technical data uniquely available from Northrop Grumman Corporation.


Rockwell Collinshas announced that China Eastern Airlines selected its Iridium satcom aftermarket solution for its fleet of more than 100 Boeing 737 aircraft. Installations are currently in progress. The voice and data communications solution, installed via a Boeing Service Bulletin for Next-Generation Boeing 737s, will enable reliable long-range global voice communications, flight tracking and ACARS. The solution is also capable of enabling FANS for airlines
that need it for their operations.

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