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August 2016

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CFM and Air Europe have signed a 12-year RPFH service agreement as part of a deal for LEAP-1B engines to power 20 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.


CFM has selected signed a long-term RPFH agreement with Asiana Airlines as part of a deal for LEAP-1A engines to power 25 A321neo aircraft. The value of the order is $950 million at list price, including spare engines and a long-term support agreement. The aircraft order was announced in 2015.


CFM International has finalised a 12-year Rate Per Flight Hour (RPFH) service agreement with LATAM Airlines Group to support the operation and maintenance of 35 of the group’s CFM56-5B engines.


GE Aviation and Austrian Airlines have expanded a TrueChoice Flight Hour agreement to provide MRO services to 10 GE90-90B engines that power its Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. The agreement is valued at $70 million over the life of the contract.


GE Aviation and EGYPTAIR have signed a TrueChoice Materials agreement for MRO consulting services to assist in the development of overhaul capabilities for the CFM56-7B engine. The comprehensive agreement covers technical support and consulting for MRO operations, facility readiness, tooling optimisation and other necessary services required to achieve facility certification. With their intention for deeper cooperation, GE Aviation and EGYPTAIR agreed they will study the possibilities of operating the EGYPTAIR engine shop together as a centre of excellence in the region.


GE Aviation and Icelandair have signed a TrueChoice Transitions agreement for three overhauls of CF6-80C2 engines powering Boeing 767 aircraft, as well as an engine lease.


GE Aviation and Lufthansa Technik signed new long-term agreements for maintenance services for the GE9X and GEnx-2B engines as part of a continued effort to expand maintenance choice and shop capacity for customers operating the latest generation of engines. The GE Branded Services Agreements for the GE9X and GEnx-2B include comprehensive TrueChoice Materials agreements and provisions for technical support and assistance on overhaul workscoping, component repair licenses, joint repair development and training. The agreements facilitate establishment of a planned GE Aviation and Lufthansa Technik joint venture overhaul facility due to open in 2018.


For more than 40 years, Lufthansa Technik has provided technical support for GE engines. Lufthansa is the largest operator of the GEnx-2B-powered Boeing 747-8 and is the launch customer for the Boeing 777-9X aircraft, with 34 aircraft on order and deliveries scheduled to begin in 2020. Lufthansa Technik also collaborates with GE Aviation on repair, development and mobile support services.


GE Aviation and Thomas Cook Group Airlines have signed a five-year TrueChoice Transitions agreement for the time and material to repair and overhaul CF6-80C2 engines that power eight Boeing 767 aircraft.


GE Aviation and Turkish Airlines have signed extensions to TrueChoice Flight Hour and TrueChoice Overhaul agreements for the CF6-80E engines that power a fleet of seven Airbus A330 aircraft. Along with the MRO services, GE Aviation will also partner with Turkish Airlines on leadership training as part of the agreements, which are valid until 2026.


GE Aviation has added the CFM56-7B engines that power 83 Boeing 737-700 and -800 aircraft of Southwest Airlines to an existing TrueChoice FlightHour agreement for engine MRO services. This brings more than 1,400 CFM56-7B engines operated by Southwest under the agreement.

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