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September 2016

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Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) has entered into four exclusive agreements with Czech Airlines. All contracts have been entered into for a limited period of time, until June 2019. 


The Base Maintenance Agreement governs the complex performance of all planned revisions within the Czech Airlines fleet of 17 aircraft, including occasional irregular tasks, such as fixing defects and repairing damage. The Line Maintenance Agreement includes the performance of regular checks, daily and weekly controls up to A check, fixing defects and performing additional activities at the Prague hub and at selected airports abroad as per Czech Airlines requests. The Components Maintenance Agreement defines the conditions of ensuring availability, providing repairs and connected logistics. CSAT thus guarantees the availability of necessary components within stipulated deadlines for the entire Czech Airlines fleet, both in Prague and across the carrier’s entire network. The Engineering Agreement covers the administration of maintenance programmes and their continued updating, follow-ups and proposals for processing new operational bulletins and directives to maintain airworthiness as well as preparation of modifications. The contract further covers planned revisions, including data archiving and certification of components, reliability evaluations and drafting documentation for balancing and loading aircraft.


Václav Rehor, Chairman of the Czech Aeroholding Board of Directors, the sole shareholder of CSAT, said: “Several parameters of the new contracts signed with Czech Airlines vary from the existing contracts in significant ways. The new contracts guarantee CSAT minimum work volumes ordered by Czech Airlines at individual product levels, define the volume and extent of the co-operation between the parties and take into account the risk of price increases in time. According to the current plans, CSAT will thus perform 15 to 20 repairs in an average a year as part of its base maintenance services.”


FL Technics has signed a contract with Tunisian start up carrier Express Air Cargo to provide redelivery checks on two Boeing 737-300 aircraft, which have already arrived at the FL Technics maintenance centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. Work includes a variety of inspections, overview of the technical documentation, pre-planned checks and a thorough structural examination as well as all the necessary repair procedures in accordance with the technical maintenance plan prepared by FL Technics.


HAECO Xiamen has just announced that it completed its first Boeing 777 freighter maintenance check for Lufthansa Cargo in June. HAECO Xiamen has worked with Lufthansa Cargo for over a decade, providing C checks and D checks for its McDonnell Douglas MD-11 freighter fleet. In the following months, HAECO Xiamen will undertake additional maintenance checks for freighters operated by Lufthansa Cargo.


HAECO Xiamen redelivered the first Boeing 777 aircraft to Japan Airlines on 1 August following a heavy maintenance check, cabin reconfiguration and wifi modifications. The redelivery was part of JAL’s ongoing cabin modification programme for its Boeing 777-200ER fleet, to be completed by 2017.


IPR Conversions has re-delivered its first ATR72-202F large cargo door and structural tube conversion (MSN 444) to Summit Air based in Yellowknife, Canada. The aircraft was converted by IPR’s partner ASI-Maintenance in Toulouse-Francazal, France. It is equipped with an Ancra Cargo Loading System (CLS), allowing five 88in x 108in containers to be loaded. IPR also offers ABZ containers specially designed to optimise the additional volume provided the IPR Structural Tube, increasing the containerised volume from 42.6m³ to 50m³.


Summit Air has booked an additional ATR 72 LCD conversion slot for 2017 and is considering enlarging its ATR fleet in the near future.


Pemco World Air Services (PEMCO) has announced the redelivery of its 100th Boeing 737-300 converted aircraft, which was modified for SF Airlines in China. The 100th conversion (MSN 29068) marks the 16th 737-300/400 PEMCO-converted aircraft for SF Airlines with three more planned in 2016. 


PIA Engineering & Maintenance has successfully completed its first ever C check of an Airbus A320. During this maintenance exercise, carpet and seat covers were changed along with deep cleaning of the entire cabin and washrooms. By accomplishing this maintenance check internally, PIA has saved substantial amount of foreign exchange. This also is the basis to offer these engineering services to other airlines, not only within Pakistan but also from other countries.


Precision Aircraft Solutions has completed its 60th Boeing 757 freighter conversion with nine more conversions in process. The 757-200 aircraft, MSN 29312, is the fifth conversion of the year for European Air Transport Leipzig Airline (EAT), the largest of three airlines with dedicated service to the European, Middle Eastern and North African networks of DHL Express. The conversion was performed at Flightstar in Jacksonville, FL.


Volga-Dnepr Gulf has signed an agreement with CargoLogicAir to perform C check maintenance on its Boeing 747-400 freighter, including AD/SB accomplishment, modifications and Out-of-Phase (OOP) tasks. The UK-based airline is a partner of Volga-Dnepr Group and has recently taken delivery of its first Boeing 747-8 Freighter. It intends to build a fleet of five 747-8F aircraft within five years.

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