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September 2016

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AAR has signed a five-year overhaul and exchange services agreement with Asiana Airlines covering landing gear assemblies and sub-assemblies for 767-38EF and 777-200ER aircraft. AAR will perform the landing gear overhauls in its dedicated Miami landing gear overhaul facility.


AAR has signed a long-term, multimillion-dollar agreement with Polish charter carrier Enter Air to provide full power-by-the-hour (PBH) component inventory management and repair services on 19 Boeing 737NG/Classic aircraft.


AAR has signed a long-term, multimillion-dollar contract to provide power-by-the-hour (PBH) component inventory management and repair services to flydubai. AAR will assume nose-to-tail management of components and repairs for flydubai’ s Next-Generation Boeing 737-800 fleet, starting with 53 aircraft and increasing to 60.


Boeing has announced today an agreement with Japan Airlines to extend its partnership with the company to provide spare parts solutions for another 10 years. The renewed Japan Airlines agreement for Boeing’s GoldCare Expendables, formerly Integrated Materials Management (IMM), is an expendable parts service solution. Under the agreement, Boeing will provide the service through 2026 for 737NG, 767, 777 and 787.


The Japan Airlines order is one of many demonstrating the increased flexibility of Boeing’s parts business, which continues to evolve and improve based on customer needs and requirements. In 2015, Boeing increased inventory by 35,000 parts and lowered prices on 24,000 parts. In addition, Boeing has nearly doubled stocked parts for out-of-production aircraft and is offering emergent-build capabilities for customers who need to find parts for out-of-production fleet types.


Bombardier Commercial Aircraft has announced that Jazz Aviation of Halifax, NS, has extended its Smarts Parts agreement to provide longer-term component support for its growing fleet of Q400 aircraft. The agreement, which was originally scheduled to conclude in 2020, has been extended to December 2025. The Smart Parts program provides Jazz with comprehensive component MRO services, access to a strategically located spare part exchange pool and on-site inventories based at the airline’s hubs in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.


Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) has entered into a new six-year agreement with Czech carrier Travel Service to provide landing gear general repairs, lease of spare landing gear sets, exchanges of landing gear sets and repairs of selected aircraft components for 19 Boeing 737NG aircraft. The new agreement guarantees work for the CSAT landing gear production line for the next six years.


Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) has entered into an agreement with Sichuan Airlines for line maintenance at Prague to support Airbus A330 scheduled services. The company has already supported charter flights during the first half of the year.


Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) has entered into four exclusive agreements with Czech Airlines. All contracts have been entered into for a limited period of time, until June 2019. 


The Base Maintenance Agreement governs the complex performance of all planned revisions within the Czech Airlines fleet of 17 aircraft, including occasional irregular tasks, such as fixing defects and repairing damage. The Line Maintenance Agreement includes the performance of regular checks, daily and weekly controls up to A check, fixing defects and performing additional activities at the Prague hub and at selected airports abroad as per Czech Airlines requests. The Components Maintenance Agreement defines the conditions of ensuring availability, providing repairs and connected logistics. CSAT thus guarantees the availability of necessary components within stipulated deadlines for the entire Czech Airlines fleet, both in Prague and across the carrier’s entire network. The Engineering Agreement covers the administration of maintenance programmes and their continued updating, follow-ups and proposals for processing new operational bulletins and directives to maintain airworthiness as well as preparation of modifications. The contract further covers planned revisions, including data archiving and certification of components, reliability evaluations and drafting documentation for balancing and loading aircraft.


Václav Rehor, Chairman of the Czech Aeroholding Board of Directors, the sole shareholder of CSAT, said: “Several parameters of the new contracts signed with Czech Airlines vary from the existing contracts in significant ways. The new contracts guarantee CSAT minimum work volumes ordered by Czech Airlines at individual product levels, define the volume and extent of the co-operation between the parties and take into account the risk of price increases in time. According to the current plans, CSAT will thus perform 15 to 20 repairs in an average a year as part of its base maintenance services.”


Embraer has announced the extension of the Flight Hour Pool Program with Japan Airlines for J-AIR’s growing fleet of E170s and E190s, which currently stand at 20 aircraft. The pool agreement, for up to 10 years, covers more than 300 part numbers for J-AIR’s entire E-Jets fleet. J-AIR currently operates 17 E170s and three E190s. The third E190 commenced revenue service at the start of September.


FL Technics has signed a contract with Tunisian start up carrier Express Air Cargo to provide redelivery checks on two Boeing 737-300 aircraft, which have already arrived at the FL Technics maintenance centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. Work includes a variety of inspections, overview of the technical documentation, pre-planned checks and a thorough structural examination as well as all the necessary repair procedures in accordance with the technical maintenance plan prepared by FL Technics.

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