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January 2018

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Aeronautical Engineers, Inc (AEI) has signed a contract to provide Miami-based Regional One with a Bombardier CRJ200 SF Freighter. The aircraft (MSN 7452) is being modified at Commercial Jet’s facility in Miami, FL, and will be redelivered at the beginning of April 2018. Regional One will be providing a finance lease of the completed CRJ200 SF to Estonia-based Airest, which will be the first European operator for the CRJ200 SF. Airest plans to acquire and operate up to four AEI CRJ200 SFs.


AerSale has reached an agreement with Precision Aircraft Solutions to provide Boeing 757-200PCF freighter modifications for the company at its Goodyear, AZ, facility. Additional services provided by AerSale will include regular maintenance checks, aircraft painting, and avionics modifications. Precision currently has three other approved modification and installation facilities: Flightstar Aircraft Services, located in Jacksonville, FL; HAECO, located in Xiamen, China; and Ameco, located in Chengdu, China.


FL Technics completed a major upgrade project for five Airbus A321s in 2017 for a leasing company. The latest modification included removal of the Additional Center Tanks in the aft cargo hold and the installation of a ventilation and heating system to allow for safe animal transportation and installation of a semi-automatic cargo loading system in both cargo compartments. The cabin was reconfigured by modifying monuments and adapting the seat layout. Another significant part of this project was the installation of a wireless ground link for the quick access recorder, allowing data to be sent automatically upon aircraft arrival.


FL Technics has announced agreements with two Lufthansa Group carriers – Germanwings and SWISS International Air Lines. The first three of five AirbusA319/320 aircraft have already completed C and D checks. SWISS has signed a five-year agreement that covers base maintenance, engineering and DOA services. Its first aircraft has already arrived at FL Technics for a window frame replacement.


FL Technics recently completed the first two Boeing 737 C checks for the Luxembourg carrier Luxair.


KLM UK Engineering has signed a contract with West Atlantic UK for airframe maintenance checks on its Boeing 737 freighter fleet throughout 2018.


Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (MAEL) has signed a new base maintenance agreement with French airline La Compagnie for a Boeing 757 C check in February.

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