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December 2015

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AFI KLM E&M Components China, a wholly owned Air France KLM subsidiary, has received EASA Part-145 approval under number EASA.145.0721. The company was established in Shanghai in 2013 to repair avionics components and was CAAC certified in November of that year.


AFI KLM E&M has just announced the opening of its Logistics Centre in the Jebel Ali Free Zone near the new Al Maktoum International Airport, UAE.  The centre began operating in July this year and provides a stock of serviceable spares for all supported aircraft types, including Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft. Offering a tenfold increase in efficiency, it also means that AFI KLM E&M can now meet the needs of clients in the Middle East and elsewhere.


AFI KLM E&M has signed a partnership with Ramco Systems to set up a joint innovation centre in Singapore. A team of around 10 people will work on designing and developing innovative, rapid-deployment solutions for strategic areas in aircraft maintenance.


Airbus has recently achieved certification for single engine taxiing without the APU (SETWA) for the A320 Family. SETWA offers clear benefits both in terms of fuel savings and environmental friendliness. The solution consists of a wiring modification in the pylon and around the engine fire handle that can be embodied during a typical night shift. Over 20 customers have already shown interest thanks to an estimated return on investment of around one year.


Airbus has recently signed a contract making US-based JetBlue the launch customer for Maintenance Mobility. This allows the airline’s mechanics to have all the technical information they need on iPads. Maintenance Mobility is one of several services in the Smarter Fleet cloud-based services platform developed by Airbus in partnership with IBM. The agreement with JetBlue covers the integration of the Maintenance Mobility services into the airline’s maintenance information system (MIS), as well as the software and data hosting over a five-year servicing period. In order to spread the integration and manage the change gradually, the deployment will be accomplished step-by-step with Airbus experts working on-site with JetBlue.


Smarter Fleet Maintenance Mobility is a web-based application hosted by Airbus as a service, composed of a web page (for the supervisor) and apps (for the mechanics), all synchronised by a cloud-based Smarter Fleet Platform. Thanks to integration with airline information systems, it provides maintenance supervisors with real-time monitoring on the progression of the turnaround activities and serviceable status of each aircraft.


For mechanics, it enables them to access information needed to perform the turnaround, such as task cards or real-time access to aircraft maintenance messages. It also includes an e-Doc browser for access to the Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Illustrated Parts Catalogue or Minimum Equipment List from a mobile device.


Airbus has signed an agreement with Oman Air to upgrade the cabins of its Airbus A330s. This interior modernisation will harmonise the airline’s business class cabins across its long range fleet and is planned to be completed in 2016. As part of the upgrade, the aircraft’s existing IFE platform will be integrated with new seats. Airbus’ Customer Services division will perform the overall cabin reconfiguration, design and certification and will also supply the new business class seats as selected by Oman Air.


Airline Services Interiors has completed the design and integration of Panasonic’s eX3 IFE system into the first of 18 British Airways Boeing 747 aircraft. The upgrade, which took nine months to complete, features on all classes of passenger seating from World Traveller (economy) through to First Class. It is anticipated that all 18 Boeing 747s will be refitted by August 2016.


Airline Services Interiors was responsible for the design and integration of the new Panasonic IFE mod kits into all classes of cabin seat; the design and manufacture of the seat mod kits; and certification of the mod kits into the seats. Airline Services Interiors worked with British Airways Maintenance Cardiff (BAMC), which carried out aircraft installation work, and Zodiac NAT, which certified the installation into the aircraft.


The cabin interiors of the British Airways 747s have also been refreshed so they match those on the airline’s new Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 aircraft, and Airline Services Interiors has developed new fitted seat covers to improve comfort and appearance.


Trial integration and First Article seat build was carried out at Airline Services Interiors Passenger Seating Centre of Excellence, which is co-located with the design and manufacturing teams in Manchester, UK. Airline Services Interiors is supporting the seat modification programme by British Airways Interiors Engineering at its facility in Blackwood, near Cardiff, where the first aircraft was refurbished by British Airways.


AJW Technique has been granted renewal of its Type Certificate Approval by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Indonesia. The facility holds several global approvals: ANAC (Brazil), DGCA (Indonesia) and DCA (Thailand), to complement FAA (US), EASA (Europe) and TCCA (Canada). CAAC (China) approval is in progress.


Ameco Beijing will begin Boeing 747-8I airframe overhauls in early 2016. This follows an MoU with Hong Kong Airlines for Airbus A330 heavy checks in June 2015, and a contract in September with Austrian Airlines for heavy maintenance – including C checks – for five Boeing 777s and two 767s. In the same month, it started work on the first of three Boeing 767s of US carrier Dynamic Airways. In October, Nordwind Airlines, based in Moscow, brought two Boeing 777s for C checks, along with C checks and landing gear replacements for two Boeing 767-300s of its subsidiary IKAR Airlines. The company has entered the corporate maintenance business, signing long-term contracts with private customers and completing letter checks on six Airbus ACJ318/319s this year.


ATR and PNG Air of Papua New Guinea, formerly Airlines PNG, have signed a 12-year Global Maintenance Agreement providing a total support package for the airline’s fleet of ATR 72-600 aircraft. The airline has recently received one aircraft, with a further six to join the fleet over the next two years. The contract covers a large scope of component overhaul and engineering services. They include repair and overhaul of Line Replaceable Units, plus maintenance of propellers, landing gear and leading edges. The support package also provides pooling services at ATR in Singapore and on-site stock access at the airline’s home base in Port Moresby. The component supply and logistics to and from Port Moresby will be realised via ATR in Singapore.

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