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March 2015

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Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services (AMES) has been granted a Class 4 Airframe Rating by the FAA, giving it broad approval to perform maintenance on nearly all commercial aircraft up to the Boeing 777.


Airbus has signed a 10-year flight hour services (FHS) components agreement with Asiana Airlines to provide A330 components support. This includes an extensive scope of line replaceable units (LRUs), guaranteed spare parts availability through pool access service, on-site stock at customer main base and selected outstations, as well as repair services, securing the highest service level for daily operations.


Aircraft Support Industries and their joint venture partner in China, Baotong Door Company, have completed a combination tail dock system for Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company (GAMECO). This follows the successful completion of two narrowbody and one widebody tail docks for GAMECO in 2013. The new dock is designed to service the Airbus A330 and A380, and Boeing 747 and 777 as primary aircraft. It will also enable the docking of secondary aircraft, including the 787. It consists of a Vertical Stabiliser Dock (VSD), Horizontal Stabiliser Dock (HSD), and Passenger Door access platform (Pax D). The VSD is designed to be suspended in the roof of the existing hangar with provision of access to all areas of the tail including allowance for rudder swing and actuator access. Having both vertical and lateral travel capacity, the dock has a wide range of operational positions for end user access. The HSD and Pax D have an extensive range of height adjustment due to the range of aircraft.


AJW Capital Partners has recently purchased four aircraft for teardown. An Airbus A319 (msn 1068), in a deal that covers the airframe only, is being dismantled at eCube in St. Athan, Wales. The components will support AJW’s global fleet of Airbus aircraft operating under power-by-the-hour (PBH) contracts. AJW Capital managed the transaction on behalf of its private investor base of high net-worth individuals who, alongside AJW Aviation, seek to realise revenue from the conversion of airframes into component assets. It has also purchased a Boeing 757 (P&W) (msn 24749) from Aerolease. Previously operated by Russian operator VIM Airlines, it is currently being parted out by Haitec at Frankfurt-Hahn airport. AJW Aviation is focused on securing 757 (P&W) inventory to support recent contract wins with a large air freight operator and other existing customers. Another airframe only deal covers a Boeing 737-700 (msn 29094). Teardown will shortly commence and the components will not only support AJW’s PBH programmes worldwide, but also bolster the strategic inventory hubs. Finally, it has concluded a targeted group purchasing initiative with the closing of a deal to secure an Airbus A320-200 (msn 1730) from SMBC Aviation Capital Netherlands.


Ameco Beijing has been selected by China Eastern Airlines for cabin refurbishment and business class cabin modifications on the Boeing 767s operated by wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Airlines. The carrier transferred a 767 to Ameco for cabin modification in January, with further cabin modifications on the other aircaft scheduled from April to June this year. The business class work has been designed by Ameco and includes engineering design, airworthiness certificate and interior material package manufacture.


BAE Systems will upgrade existing Traffic Collision and Avoidance Systems (TCAS) to TCAS 7.1 standard for TAROM of Romania and Turkish-based MGA MaviGok Aviation. This upgrade is a new standard that is mandatory from 1 December 2015 for all aircraft flying in European airspace.


It introduces two primary changes to the software logic to further improve safety in situations where two aircraft are either ascending or descending simultaneously, or to improve pilot responses when they are required to adjust vertical speed.


TAROM’s upgrade is for eight Boeing 737s, comprising 737-300 Classics and 737-700 New Generation aircraft. MaviGok Aviation’s upgrades covers a fleet of 14 737-800s and 757-200s that are operated by UTAIR Russia JSC, Katekavia (doing business as Azur Air), and UTAIR Ukraine as AOC holders on behalf of ANEX Tours to provide flights from Russia and Ukraine to holiday destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


Boeing has announced that British Airways received operational approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority for use of its Electronic Logbook (ELB) on the airline’s 787 Dreamliner fleet. Developed in partnership with Ultramain Systems, ELB enables communication between flight crew, cabin crew and ground-based maintenance and engineering staff. ELB runs on the aircraft’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and onboard server system to collect flight data and crew-observed fault input, sharing that information with ground-based technicians and maintenance systems while the aircraft is still en route. Ground crews, along with needed parts and documentation, can be stationed at the gate to perform needed maintenance.


Pilot-observed faults can now be created in the ELB, whereas previously they were handwritten by a pilot into a paper logbook. Because British Airways also uses Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) software, in-flight faults generated by the aircraft and automatically recorded by AHM are correlated and displayed side by side with the faults recorded by pilots into the ELB. With this coordination of real-time, in-flight fault data collected from both solutions, the airline’s maintenance organisation is aware of a potential situation before the aircraft even arrives at its destination.


Use of the ELB and AHM provides comprehensive analytics and prognostics capabilities, creating a more complete picture of the aircraft’s maintenance status.


CTT Systems has announced an order of its Zonal Drying System to be installed by Boeing in six new 737-800 aircraft for an undisclosed customer. Another unidentified airline has ordered flight deck and flight crew rest compartment humidifiers for 12 Airbus A350-900 aircraft. It currently operates a fleet of Boeing 787s fitted with this equipment.


Delta TechOps will be offering six variants of the CF34-8 jet engine to its list of aircraft engines eligible for MRO services. The following CF34-8 variants are now available to the Delta TechOps MRO customers: CF34-8C5, CF34-8C5A1, CF34-8C5A2, CF34-8C5B1, CF34-8E5 and CF34-8E5A1.


Emirates say its Aircraft Appearance Centre is completing over three aircraft decal installations in an average week, bringing the total number of installations done in 2014 to 157.


When a new aircraft arrives to join the Emirates’ fleet, the 14-strong team at the Aircraft Appearance Centre get busy working on the aircraft for decal installations, such as the ‘World Expo 2020 – Dubai Host City’ logo which is on all of Emirates’ 58 Airbus A380 aircraft. The largest decal ever installed was the 2014 FIFA World Cup logo, measuring 21m by 9m.


The in-house decal production facility is approximately 250m² in size and has the capability to print and install decals like the World Expo 2020 logo in less than four hours with a team of two people. Larger and more complex decals could take up to 24 hours to print and install.


Emirates’ in-house decal installation facility means that the paint shop team no longer need to source decals from third parties, resulting in significant cost and time savings, as well as the ability for last minute revisions to be made the decals, and ensuring a perfect fit on the aircraft fuselage.

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