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August 2015

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Ameco Beijing has received CAAC, FAA and EASA approval for IAE V2500-A5 series MRO work. The first engine for overhaul in the workshop was planned for July.


Basecoat-clearcoat exterior topcoat systems by the aerospace coatings group of PPG Industries have been qualified at Airbus. High-solids Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat has been qualified for application as a topcoat system, as well as with the chromate-free Desoprime CF/CA 7049 primer long used by Airbus. Also qualified is the basecoat-clearcoat selectively strippable system that has a chromate-free F565 intermediate coat which is applied over the primer. This facilitates repainting without removal of the primer.


In the selectively strippable coatings system with PPG basecoat-clearcoat, F565 intermediate coating is applied over the primer, while the basecoat-clearcoat and intermediate coating can be easily removed during repainting, leaving the primer intact. Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat and Desothane HD/CA 9008 ultraviolet-resistant external clearcoat also are qualified independently at Airbus.


Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat topcoat system – used with or without Desoprime CF/CA 7049 primer, as well as the selectively strippable basecoat-clearcoat system – are qualified to AIMS 04-04-025, AIMS 04-04-033 and AIMS 04-04-037. Desothane HD/CA 9008 clearcoat is qualified to AIMS 04-04-023 for independent application.


Boeing has contracted with Oman Air for a suite of services to support the upcoming entry into service of the airline’s 787 Dreamliners in order to ensure ongoing efficiency and cost savings for its fleet. Boeing will support Oman Air’s 787s with its Component Services (formerly Rotables Exchange) programme, Loadable Software Airplane Parts service and Airplane Health Management. With the Component Services programme, Oman Air will have access to a Boeing-managed, dedicated pool of high-value, mission-critical parts, enabling the airline to greatly reduce their inventory management costs while improving component availability. Through the Loadable Software Airplane Parts service, Boeing will handle software configuration and management tasks associated with operating the 787. Airplane Health Management will allow Oman Air to minimise maintenance delays and schedule disruptions by continuously monitoring aircraft performance while in flight, notifying ground crews in advance of potential maintenance issues.


Commsoft has launched a mobile app for its Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System  (OASES). The new OASES mobile app includes new functionality that has been developed to enable easy, swift access by tablets and smart phone devices, including those running Apple, Android and Microsoft operating systems, among others. 


The OASES mobile app can easily be accessed and used via the standard browsers on mobile devices, laptops or desktop PCs. In order to make it accessible from any device with a built-in browser, Commsoft’s OASES developers have used HTML5. This makes the OASES mobile app truly device-independent: a phenomenal advantage for busy specialists in the MRO field. The user simply enters a supplied URL into the browser to be presented with the OASES login page. This is the same login account as for the OASES system, and therefore no additional set-up is required.  The application allows access to the next due forecast.  This is designed to be used in the field by pilots and line maintenance engineers. The next due forecast data is accessed from the OASES cached forecast which can be refreshed at any interval - allowing for real-time view of maintenance data from anywhere in the world. The new OASES mobile app also has the functionality to restrict access to aircraft to specified users  - making the app suitable for 3rd party customers or contractor employees where limited access to specific aircraft data is necessary.


CTS Engines has completed its 100th full overhaul on a GE CF6 series engine. The engine – a CF6-80A owned by DHL and operated by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings – also represented the 17th completed CF6 engine fully overhauled by CTS to date in 2015.


Eastern Airlines Technic and China Aircraft Leasing Group (CALC) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement regarding the maintenance and technical consulting services for CALC’s current fleet. Based on the agreement, Eastern Airlines Technic will provide CALC with aircraft/engine maintenance services, as well as technical advisory services that facilitate the lessor to meet applicable airworthiness requirements. Other services include on-site emergency support, aircraft maintenance cost analysis, parts solutions, and training. The cooperation agreement is valid for three years.


The strategic partnership will promote CALC’s standards for aircraft asset management, as well as lay a foundation for the Group’s expanding international business and aircraft disassembly centre project, which is progressing by stages. It will, in turn, further enhance CALC’s strategy to become a full value-chain aircraft solutions provider to offer one-stop aircraft solutions for domestic and international airlines. Formerly known as Eastern Airlines Engineering Technology, Eastern Airline Technic was established in 2014.


Eirtech Aviation has introduced a range of connectivity solutions to the market, including:

  • A 2.1A USB port that can be installed on existing aircraft seats with only minor modification. It allows passengers to charge their portable electronic devices during a flight. Multiple installation options are available, depending on customer requirements
  • A 2.1A USB port into the cockpit to power tablet electronic flight bag (EFB) devices
  • Fixed tablet mounts in the cockpit for EFBs. They are adaptable for multiple aircraft and tablet types and the mount design allows for simple and fast installation
  • All hardware, testing, engineering data and approval for the installation of wireless IFE
  • All hardware, testing, engineering data and approval for the installation of portable electronic devices (PEDs).


The company is currently completing T-PED (transmitting-PED) testing for two of Europe’s biggest airlines. This follows an EASA STC that was granted as a result of the successful completion of T-PED testing on Boeing 737NG aircraft for a number of other European airlines. Additional STCs can be developed to support alternative aircraft types upon request.


Elbit Systems and ATR have signed an agreement for integrating ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) with the SKYLENS wearable display on the new ATR-600 series. The system can also be offered as a retrofit to other ATR -600 aircraft already in service. Suitable for day and night operations and in all weather conditions, the system provides head-up information while minimising the dependency on airport instrumentation.


Equipped with the new ClearVision EFVS and SKYLENS wearable display, aircraft are capable of taking off and landing in low visibility conditions and in locations that non EVS-equipped aircraft previously could not approach.


According to the agreement between the two companies, Clearvision EFVS will be introduced as an option for both ATR 42-600 and 72-600 models. ATR will be the launch customer for SKYLENS, which comes in substitution of the traditional Head Up Display (HUD) in this configuration. Certification is planned for 2017.


Ethiopian Aviation Academy recently graduated 49 aviation maintenance technicians.


Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) recently completed EVA Air’s 1,000th airframe maintenance event.

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