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April 2016

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AAR Aircraft Component Services – New York (ACS-NY) has received the FAA AMT Diamond Award of Excellence for its aviation maintenance technician (AMT) training programme for the 10th consecutive year.


AerSale has received an FAA STC to install AerSafe into the centre fuel tank of Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft. AerSafe provides a means of ignition mitigation preventing a spark from causing an explosion in the aircraft’s centre fuel tank. The FAA enacted the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Rule following the fatal crash of a TWA Boeing 747 aircraft off the coast of New York in 1996. The crash was caused by an electrical spark from a frayed wire in the aircraft’s centre fuel tank, which ignited fuel vapours propagating a catastrophic explosion and loss of the aircraft. The FAA has specified two means of complying with the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Rule: installation of a flammability reduction means or an ignition mitigation means. Prior to AerSafe approval, the only product available to comply with the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Rule on a Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft was a nitrogen gas inerting system.


The installation of AerSafe will cost less than half the nitrogen gas inerting system. In addition, advantages include rapid installation of less than a day, no modifications to the aircraft’s structure, minimal maintenance, an estimated 20 year material life, no expensive spare parts to maintain or replace and no flight test required after installation.


AFI KLM E&M has signed a wide-ranging contract with Air Austral for two Boeing 787 aircraft scheduled to enter its fleet in spring 2016. The agreement includes component support, engineering and Maintenance Control Services (MCS) components, plus light and line maintenance services. The company will support the airline’s Reunion-based teams locally to bring the two aircraft into service.


Airbus has announced completion of the painting of the first US-built A321 in Mobile, AL in its JetBlue livery. The aircraft painting was achieved by MAAS Aviation. The company is responsible for painting aircraft in its new facility located on the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley within the Airbus manufacturing facility campus.


Airbus is establishing a pilot and maintenance training centre in the National Capital Region of Delhi to support the county’s need for new Airbus pilots. According to Airbus’ latest global market forecast, India requires over 1,600 passenger and freighter aircraft in the next 20 years, with an accompanying demand for new pilots and maintenance engineers. Airbus has been providing maintenance training from its existing centre in Bangalore since 2007, and has so far trained over 2,750 maintenance engineers. The new centre will accelerate the pace of training to help match the A320neo deliveries to India. Staffed by Airbus trainers, the new pilot training centre will have the capacity to train over 8,000 pilots and 2,000 maintenance engineers over 10 years from 2018 onwards. Airbus has shortlisted suitable sites near the airport area of Delhi, and will soon work towards finalising the agreements for land, construction and simulator installation in 2017.


Airline Services Interiors has won a contract from Aer Lingus for a major enhancement on three of its Boeing 757-200 aircraft.  Modifications cover the installation of new lie-flat Thompson Aero Vantage business class seating, monuments, the fitting of Zodiac Inflight Innovations IFE and Astronics In-Seat Power. This is the first time the Thompson Aero Vantage seat will be certified on a 757. Design work was agreed in October last year. The first aircraft entered service on routes operated for Aer Lingus by partner ASL Airlines, on its own commercial AOC, this February. Due to the success of the 757-200, a fourth aircraft, commissioned in January after the first three, will be complete by May this year.


In addition to installing the business class seats, Airline Services Interiors will supply fully refurbished economy class seats, fitted with Zodiac’s RAVE IFE, mirroring the offering of its three sister aircraft. RAVE Centric IFE is an embedded modular inflight entertainment system offering a range of choices for different cabins, including wireless second screen, display size, customisable peripherals, integrated USB charging and all of the latest features like harmonisation with airline mobile applications. Airline Services Interiors is managing the design and certification efforts to perform the cabin reconfiguration. Its activity will include the full refurbishment of economy class seats, with new plastics, soft furnishings and IFE integration; introduction of in-seat power, using Astronics hardware; plus the development of new forward monuments in Business Class, incorporating the Thomson footwell surround, Zii IFE, emergency equipment and coat storage. This will be completed to compliment the carrier’s Airbus A330 with the Aer Lingus Shamrock.


In addition, Airline Services Interiors will provide a newly designed class divider arrangement, producing new windbreaks and curtains. It will also provide parts to support the aircraft installation, including infill panels, threshold strips, tedlar trim, raceways, PSU and PSU infill panels and hoses, along with the backbone cabling and shipside wiring changes.


This is the second contract win from Aer Lingus for the Airline Services Group.  It was previously contracted during 2013/2014 to enhance those same three aircraft (EI-LBR, EI-LBS and EI-LBT), equipping them with new economy class Recaro 3510 seating and RAVE IFE. Work extended to monuments, cabin dividers and soft furnishings.


ATR has launched Smart Galley, a new concept that features an increased storage capacity, while offering greater operational flexibility thanks to its quick and easy reconfiguration. The first Smart Galley will be installed on the ATR 72-600 of Lion Air’s regional airline, Wings Air, scheduled for delivery in May 2016. The new equipment will be available for line-fit installation as well as for retrofit on the fleet in-service.


Aviointeriors will supply its Andromeda business class seat to Rossiya Airlines for the refit of 10 Airbus A319/A320s. The delivery of the first 10 shipsets will start from September 2016. Further additional aircraft are under discussion.


Avtrade has purchased two Boeing 737-700NG aircraft (MSN 28088 and MSN 28089) for parting out. Components will be fully serviceable and certified to both EASA and FAA release, and parts will be available for immediate shipment on a sale, loan or exchange basis.


Avtrade has selected Kuehne + Nagel to provide warehousing and distribution services from its Aerospace Hub in Dubai Logistics City (DLC), which is close to the Al Maktoum International Airport. It is also increasing its Airbus and Boeing inventory to meet customer requirements. Avtrade is taking advantage of the full scope of aerospace services that Kuehne + Nagel provides, which includes inspection and warehousing of aircraft spare parts, as well as inbound/outbound logistics to maximise the opportunity to provide immediate availability of critical aircraft operational requirements.

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