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January 2018

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Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services has completed the first wifi installation in a Next-Generation 737-800 in China, under a wifi modification agreement with 9 Air. The modification work was conducted with an STC held by GEE.


Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) and the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague have signed a two-year memorandum of cooperation in the field of aviation, with the option of extension. The organisations are to work together on projects, share professional knowledge and promote the interconnection between the academic field and practice. Students will get the opportunity to join a long-term vocational training programme run directly on CSAT’s premises. They will experience real operations and get the chance to draft their graduation thesis during the internship.


The organisations will join forces when working on specialised aviation-related matters, such as on the evaluation of operational reliability and safety in the field of aircraft maintenance safety, alongside other issues. The cooperation will be pursued predominantly with the Air Transport Department of the Faculty of Transportations Sciences of CTU.


Dowty Propellers has signed the master contract for its propeller system on the MA700, covering the company’s design, development, production and in-service support for the twin-engine regional airliner from AVIC Aircraft in China. The master contract agreement follows completion of the joint development phase for the MA700’s propeller system, which incorporates six composite blades with advanced swept design, as well as the propeller electronic controller that provides automatic control through all phases of flight.


ENGINEERING Holding has started maintenance of evacuation and oxygen equipment produced by Zodiac Aerospace at its premises at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. S7 ENGINEERING (a subsidiary of ENGINEERING Holding) and Zodiac Aerospace Services (which provides aftersales support for all components produced by Zodiac Aerospace) have signed an extension to their agreement which previously included only aircraft toilets.


In terms of aircraft types, S7 ENGINEERING has been enabled to maintain evacuation slides, oxygen bottles and floats installed on virtually any type of aircraft currently operated by airlines in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as those international carriers, which operate flights to Domodedovo. This list includes Beriev Be-200, Sukhoi SSJ100, Tupolev TU-204, COMAC ARJ 21, Airbus A320/A350, Boeing 737 Classic/NG and Boeing 747/757/767/777/787.


S7 ENGINEERING already holds approvals for authorised maintenance of aircraft toilets produced by Zodiac Aerospace under their EASA Part 145 certificate. Types of aircraft covered include Antonov 148/158, Boeing 737 CL/NG, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 767/777, Airbus A320 and Airbus A380.


Not having to ship Zodiac Aerospace-produced components outside Russia for servicing enables the country’s carriers to receive quality authorised maintenance and repair at a price lower than that of European providers, whilst avoiding the additional time and financial costs typically associated with logistics and customs clearance.


GAMECO and PEMCO held a door cutting ceremony in December for the first Boeing 737-400 (MSN 27916) freighter conversion in Guangzhou.


Lufthansa Technik and the trade union ver.di have come to an agreement that will see approximately a dozen aircraft mechanic and avionic trainees from airberlin technik conclude their training in their desired professions. This followed the decision by the new owners of airberlin technik (Nayak and logistics group Zeitfrach) to discontinue these programmes. Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Technical Training are currently working on the contracts and training content needed to take over the trainees in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.


Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, Germany is currently preparing to offer on-wing and MRO services for the CFM International LEAP-1A (Airbus A320neo) and -1B (Boeing 737 MAX). In addition to building up repair capacity for the LEAP engine by providing staff training courses and investing in the essential tooling, Lufthansa Technik will also focus on extending its on-wing/on-site Airline Support Team services.


Lufthansa Technik will provide LEAP services for the entire lifecycle. Depending on the MRO requirements and the engine life cycle phase, this covers the complete range of MRO services: from engine overhaul and parts repair to on-wing support and innovative engineering; from work scoping to active cost of ownership.


The first engine is expected in 2018.


Magnetic MRO has completed the acquisition of a package of four Boeing 737-800 airframes and 10 CFM56-7B engines. The pool of assets was acquired by a newly established asset vehicle called Magnetic Parts Trading, a joint venture between Magnetic MRO and Crestline Investors. The latter is supporting the transaction with the majority of capital needs, whereas Magnetic MRO is acting as the exclusive asset manager for the joint investment vehicle. This is the first major acquisition of the newly established structure, with more significant projects planned for 2018-20. The first assets from the acquired pool will be delivered to the market as early as January 2018.


Rockwell Collins has received EASA type certification for its large-format flight display upgrade for Boeing 767 aircraft. The upgrade and certification were completed for Star Air of Denmark through a collaborative effort between Rockwell Collins, Boeing, Atlantic Aviation Group and L2 Aviation. The upgrade, which features three large-format 15.1in LCD displays, replaces six CRT displays and numerous analogue instruments, and provides operators with a number of benefits, including:


Boeing collaboration and support to ensure Boeing flight deck philosophy is maintained


a platform to incorporate future safety-enhancing technology such as airport taxi maps, data link weather, surface guidance, and synthetic and enhanced vision systems


complete replacement of all older displays and the majority of older LRUs engine-indication and crew-alerting system displays replaced and integrated into the LDS system


reduced pilot training due to alignment with Boeing flight deck philosophy on its most modern aircraft, including Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 737 MAX


the only certified system that is fully integrated and eliminates all the older EDUs from the cockpit.


The new 767 and 757 flight display system, also certified by the FAA, brings a series of innovative technologies which dramatically enhance situational awareness, improving reliability five-fold, decreasing line maintenance actions by 80%, providing positive return on investment, and decreasing avionics weight. All this, as well as mitigating cathode ray tube obsolescence challenges, positions the aircraft for future airspace evolutions.


RUAG Aviation has concluded the remarketing of a Dornier 328-100 aircraft as a fixed-price, turnkey package solution. RUAG Aviation purchased the Dornier 328 under exclusive contract from the previous owner. In turn, RUAG satisfied the requirements of the purchasing operator, Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP. The tailor-made support package guarantees immediate aircraft availability upon purchase and involves heavy maintenance, repair and overhaul of components and subsystems (including landing gear), AD/SB compliance, consulting, compliance with airworthiness certification and spare parts sourcing. The entire project was realised and fulfilled by the RUAG Dornier 228 and 328 maintenance and support centre at Bern-Belp, Switzerland.

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