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March 2019

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8tree has been selected by Portugália Airlines, operating under the TAP-Express brand, to provide its dentCHECK tool to enhance the efficiency and quality of dent- and bump-mapping on its fleet of aircraft.


Airinmar has signed an agreement with one of the leading low cost carriers in Europe to augment its warranty management capability. Airinmar will operate as an extension of the airline’s warranty team to identify, record and claim heavy/line maintenance warranty entitlements; lend expertise to assess service bulletins for additional warranty, when applicable; and maximise warranty recovery, including free of charge material and labour credits. In collaboration with the airline, warranty and guarantee entitlements associated with aircraft, engines will be recovered, and projects will be run to analyse expendable equipment usage, review subcontract maintenance events and implement quarantines.


ATR has received certification from EASA to extend the intervals between the Type A maintenance checks from 500 to 750 hours, for all of its aircraft series. This 50% increase in intervals will allow ATR customers a significant reduction in aircraft maintenance costs, and an increased aircraft availability of one additional day every 1,500 flight hours, generating additional revenue opportunities.


Aviation Technical Services (ATS) has announced its launch of an innovative approach to the recruiting, hiring and training of entry-level mechanics called the ATS Apprenticeship Program. It is designed to build the next generation of talent, as ATS, along with the entire MRO industry, faces a skilled labour shortage. The idea is to attract new recruits to the aerospace industry, and encourage them to consider new career pathways in order to provide a sustainable and engaged workforce.


As the global aviation industry faces a rise in demand, the number of ageing maintenance technicians leaving the workforce is projected to outpace the number preparing to enter it for most of the next decade. For ATS, this brings the essentiality of hiring, training and retaining a skilled workforce into urgent focus in order for the company to continue providing the best possible customer service.

“The ATS Apprenticeship Program is an investment in the company’s number one resource: our people,” said Dayna Eden, Chief People Officer. “Our new Apprenticeship Program is an excellent way for anyone who wants to get started or launch their second career in the aviation industry, all while getting paid to do so. This initiative meets people where they are at, assists them in getting their license, provides a transparent promotion process, and communicates clear career pathways so that technicians can experience long-term growth at ATS.”

The programme supports new apprentices through their first 18 to 24 months on the job, at which time they would have the option to apply and test for their Airframe License.  Academy trainers work with apprentices, regularly providing them with the training and tools they need to progress through the levels. Apprentices will advance at their own pace, because the programme is not based on time, but on competency, as measured by the progression criteria. No matter where they start, the system is set up for success and long-term growth at ATS. Apprentices are coached on both technical skills, as well as personal development, in order to continually develop and advance aviation technicians at every level.

The People Department continually partners with local high schools, technical and community colleges, work source entities, and government agencies located near each of the ATS sites in Washington, Missouri and Texas. Presentation and marketing materials to these groups have been updated to highlight the benefits of the ATS Apprenticeship Program.


Although the programme officially launched at the end of January, it has been in development for over a year. It is one of several initiatives under the banner of the ATS Academy within the People Department. The ATS Apprenticeship Program is led in collaboration with tenured technical trainers and an experienced learning and development team.


BCO Aviation has been appointed by Luxair for the fifth consecutive year to produce decals to turn its fleet of 11 Bombardier Q40s0 into the colours of ‘Luxembourg For Finance’, the agency for the development of the Financial Centre and its ‘Futuring project’. The micro-perforated vinyl decals were applied by BCO fitters on two aircraft per night.


Boeing Distribution Services (formerly KLX Aerospace Solutions) has secured a long-term contract with Joramco to provide aerospace hardware and chemical products and services, providing inventory availability, and the security of fixed term pricing on consolidated deliveries. Joramco has also signed an agreement with Proponent for the supply of consumables and expendables. Proponent will also be exploring other value-added services such as kitting and consignment to further develop and expand support for Joramco. This agreement will be active through 31 December 2019.


Dowty Propellers has expanded its worldwide support network through a three-year partnership agreement with AirStart of Canada for rotable parts services on R408 propeller systems that equip Bombardier Q400 aircraft. AirStart’s support covers major elements of the R408 propeller system: blades, spinner, hub, pitch control unit, overspeed governor and brush blocks. AirStart maintains the world’s largest inventory of Q400 propeller blades, which is positioned at the company’s multiple locations around the world for customers operating in some 50 countries.


EngineStands24, a subsidiary of Magnetic MRO, announced the launch of its new engine stands hub situated near Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai. The new hub will store stands for narrowbody aircraft engines, including those for CFM56-5A/B, CFM56-7B and V2500. The warehouse will also be supplemented with a range of widebody aircraft engine stands in the near future. The hub was launched in cooperation with Chabok Aviation, a Dubai-based supplier of aircraft parts and components.


GA Telesis acquired two Boeing 737-700 aircraft (MSN 28499 and MSN 28500), which are to be disassembled, commencing in Marana, AZ. Key components will route to GA Telesis’ UK and US based distribution facilities. The inventory will support the GA Telesis’ iGEAR, SNAP and ACCESS programmes and day-to-day sales requirements for the company’s worldwide airline and MRO customers.


The On Wing Support Center's team of nearly 50 employees perform a wide range of services, including remote borescope inspection, compressor top case repairs, fan case removal and installation, turbine module replacements and gearbox - and component replacements. The Center offers 24-hour technician coverage for Aircraft On Ground (AOG). It has a worldwide network with eight repair stations and more than 300 technicians. It provides more than 4,500 rapid repair solutions yearly to over 250 customers.


GE Aviation acquired two Boeing 737-700 aircraft (MSN 28499 and MSN 28500), which are to be disassembled, commencing in Marana, AZ. Key components will route to GA Telesis’ UK and US based distribution facilities. The inventory will support the GA Telesis’ iGEAR, SNAP and ACCESS programmes and day-to-day sales requirements for the company’s worldwide airline and MRO customers.

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