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November 2018


Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL) has agreed the terms of its new ownership structure, with a transaction in which Greybull Capital becomes the majority shareholder. MAEL’s lenders PNC will continue to provide facilities and support, and many of the operator’s key customers have also expressed their support for the business as the restructuring progresses.


In the last year MAEL has increased its geographical footprint with the opening of a new component maintenance facility in Northampton, and has created more than 100 new jobs, growing its workforce to more than 800 people.


It has also doubled the size of its industry-renowned apprentice scheme.


During that time, MAEL built on its strong foundations as a leading, independent aircraft maintenance company and, under the leadership of its skilled and experienced management team, strengthened its customer base through new contracts with a number of leading airlines.


The company’s maintenance facilities at Luton and Birmingham are fully utilised, with contracted work stretching throughout 2019.


Chris Dare, CEO of Monarch Aircraft Engineering, says: “Today marks an exciting new chapter for Monarch Aircraft Engineering as we plan to move forward with ambitious plans for growth, building on the solid foundations we have built for our business in the past year. I am grateful to Greybull and to our customers across the globe for their support of our business. I would also like to thank our fantastic, dedicated employees who make Monarch Aircraft Engineering the successful business it is.”


Airbus has introduced Skywise Reliability, which is offered with Skywise Core. The application integrates all relevant fleetwide data – such as part replacements, flight plans and delays, and historical maintenance actions – and fully automates reliability reporting, saving airlines hours per week. Furthermore, it allows users to drill down into trends to truly diagnose root causes, so they can allocate resources to mitigate recurring operational interruptions (OIs).

Skywise Reliability also complements internal data with worldwide anonymised fleet data so that airlines can proactively assess reliability performance against industry benchmarks and understand whether a recurring issue is unique or a more systematic issue. Thanks to Skywise Reliability, airlines have already reported that they can typically reduce the reliability process time from one week to one day – saving significant time in collecting/sorting/processing the data and producing reports.

Since its launch in June 2018, 28 airlines have been connected to Skywise Reliability, including easyJet, Allegiant, WOW air, Bangkok Airways, and Etihad. The service provides interactive and ready-to-use dashboards to simplify the reliability process and increase its efficiency. It allows users to measure in-service fleet performance, explore operational data and benchmark fleet data (such as fleet utilisation, operational interruptions and in-service issues, LRU removals, logbook data) with other operators and the worldwide Airbus fleet.

Airline engineers and technicians can easily set up alerts (for example on mean time between unscheduled removal (MTBUR) of a line-replaceable unit (LRU) versus guaranteed MTBUR), and analyse trends, build reliability reports and collaborate.


Revima has unveiled a new brand identity and broader service offering. The choice of adopting the brand Revima for its entire service-offering, accompanied by a new visual identity, went hand in hand with a strategic process on branding. Revima, recognised internationally for its capabilities in APUs and landing gears, will be the brand of choice.

Revima has reorganised its service offering into five commercial brands:



  • Repair & overhaul: APU, landing gear and associated LRUs.
  • Engine parts repair: Sheet metal work activity for civil and military applications.
  • Material solutions: serviceable parts and complete assemblies trading activity, previously named Normandy Aero Spares (NAS).
  • Fleet management: Digital solutions providing advanced diagnosis and prognosis for optimised APU operating and maintenance costs.
  • Leasing: APU and landing gear leasing activity.

Revima will also be opening a landing gear overhaul shop in Thailand in 2020.

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