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March 2015

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AerData will provide its corporate management system (CMS) and Secure Technical Records for Electronic Asset Management (STREAM) software to Titan Aviation Holdings, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings.


Conduce Group has partnered with SmartLynx Airlines of Latvia to carry out field trials of its eTechLog8 software application. The eTechLog8 application uses tough-pad or tablet hardware and eliminates the paper technical log when fully adopted. The solution has all the required technical log book functionalities on the device and is supported by a fully functioning web application backend to manage all line maintenance activities for the aircraft whilst in operational service.


The product has been developed and designed to improve ramp turnaround efficiency, resulting in improvements in On Time Performance, and to ensure that all the required information is shared to all parties in near to real-time.


SmartLynx will complete the trial on an Airbus A320 aircraft operating in Europe. The Latvian and Estonian CAAs have given a positive reaction to the concept of using eTechLog8 technology to enhance the airlines’ efficiency along with improving technical data integrity and quality. Successful completion of the field trial will lead to SmartLynx seeking full regulatory approvals from the Latvian and Estonian aviation authorities for the removal of the aircraft paper technical log page from the aircraft. The full project would include integration with the airline’s Commsoft OASES MRO software and IFS EFB solution.


Flatirons Solutions has sold its Flatirons Fleet Solution to Hainan Ruijian High-Tech, a Chinese-based partner, and Hainan Technik, the MRO provider for Hainan Airlines Company. Hainan Technik will use the Flatirons Fleet Solution to manage maintenance and engineering documentation for Hainan Airlines’ family of Airbus aircraft, with the ability to add documentation for the group’s Boeing fleet into the same system, helping Hainan Technik to fully manage and control all of the group’s maintenance information for the mixed fleet in one system.


Swiss-AviationSoftware has recently won orders for its AMOS MRO software from Aerolineas Argentinas and AeroLogic. Aerolineas Argentinas, along with sister airline Austral, will use the system to remodel the internal processes within both companies. The focus in the implementation is on using the system as-is, without any customisation. This approach will help to streamline the implementation process and to ensure an on target go-live date. It will support maintenance of Airbus A330/340, Boeing 737NG and EMBRAER 190 aircraft. German cargo carrier AeroLogic will use AMOS to fulfil airworthiness requirements on its Boeing 777 Freighter fleet as a CAMO organisation. Only a limited number of AMOS users need to be trained since the implementation will primarily concentrate on the AMOS core modules.

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