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April 2015

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AerData will supply its Corporate Management System to Strategic Air Finance, an aviation investment company specialising in the acquisition and lease of commercial aircraft and engines.


Mxi Technologies has been selected by Mesa Airlines to supply its Maintenix system to support a mixed fleet of 97 aircraft.


Swiss-AviationSoftware has launched AMOSmobile; a touch optimised mobile package with a suite of modules for use on mobile devices. Last year the proof-of-concept phase for AMOSmobile was performed and the prototype completed. A dedicated development team was formed in order to focus on implementing the mobile suite, which is optimised for mobile and touch usage. A selected number of AMOS customers were invited to a workshop in Basel to conduct a gap analysis of the new add-on application with Swiss-AS which included the customers’ in-the-field experience. As a result, the next development steps were defined.


The system uses Vaadin web-application technology and runs on any modern web browser (HTML5); on any device (tablet, laptop or desktop PC); any operating system (Android, iOS, Windows); and is fully integrated into AMOS. The functional scope of AMOSmobile is a set of dedicated modules, each to be separately licensed. In the first phase, the mobile application will concentrate on covering functions related to maintenance execution. Initially, the main user group will be technicians who do not work on a desktop but still need to interact with the MRO system on a frequent basis. AMOSmobile will support the use of electronically signed documents in order to secure the mobile process flow and avoid the printing and signing of paper documents.


Currently the functions that have been developed, or are being developed, include approval control; dispatch of workorders and taskcards; documentation search (AMM, S1000D, MEL); e-signature for work orders; handling and deferring of work orders; stock information and parts requests via pickslip; fleet status and overview; and structural damage.


The company envisages widening the functional range, as well as integrating management/KPI functions and offering functions that cover additional base maintenance requirements.


The AMOSmobile development team is currently in the process of incorporating the outcome of the workshop and will continue to add new functions to the mobile suite. Thereafter it is planned to conduct a field trial with the workshop attendees to obtain feedback on daily-business usage. The roll-out of the first functional set, applicable to the maintenance execution process, is foreseen for the third or fourth quarters of 2015.


Volartec has been selected by LAM Mozambique Airlines to provide its MRO software.

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