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May 2015

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AerData has announced that Aergo Capital has chosen Global Electronic Asset Review System) (GEARS) and Secure Technical Records for Electronic Asset Management (STREAM) software to support technical records management and technical audit and inspection data management. The company already uses AerData’s CMS lease management product.


AirVault has announced the immediate availability of the AirVault Video (AVIDEO) Service and the successful deployment of this service for Air Canada to better manage aircraft engine borescope videos for their maintenance operation. This new cloud-based service is specifically designed to extend the AirVault Aircraft Maintenance Application to include the vast amount of unstructured content associated with aircraft maintenance video and audio recordings, creating a more holistic view of the complete aircraft maintenance record.


The new AVIDEO application is a complete web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering airlines unlimited storage of video libraries, full streaming access, and frame-by-frame indexing, within the AirVault Aircraft Maintenance Application. Air Canada now uses this service to store and manage aircraft engine borescope videos, adding maintenance descriptions, bookmarks, notes, voice narratives, and customised frame indexes recorded by the airline’s MRO vendors or internal engine shops. Videos are immediately uploaded directly to the AirVault Cloud via the AirVault MRO Connector. The connector is a global cloud-computing service network that provides a conduit to manage the bi-directional processes of managing aircraft maintenance records. The service offers access to AirVault for their mobile workforce, in synchronisation with the carrier’s internal operations and MRO maintenance partners.


Borescope videos are accessed and viewed within the standard AirVault Web User Interface, a Zero Footprint (ZFP) client available from any web browser or mobile device. Air Canada engineers can search the complete database of their AirVault Cloud-Computing Service for specific aircraft engine maintenance information. Documents, data, and streaming video content are quickly displayed, and with the proper security credentials, simultaneous viewing of all information may be viewed from locations with their network of MROs, OEMs, and engine shops throughout the world.


Component Control has been selected by 3 Points Aviation to provide its Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software to manage its operations and AOG needs across all of its facilities in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Mississauga, Ontario; and Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada. At its Mississauga warehouse on Toronto International Airport, 3 Points Aviation stocks more than 40,000 stock lines to provide immediate service for AOG service as well as repairing and manufacturing high-usage components. Quantum Control allows 3 Points Aviation to easily track and manage the massive inventory. In 2014, 3 Points Aviation began a large expansion of its hydraulics repair programme at Charlottetown. In addition to increasing its current capacity, the expansion will also allow the company to increase production efficiencies and decrease costs for customers. It specialises in providing parts and services for a variety of aircraft models such as the Bombardier Dash 8 (100/200/300/400), Canadair and Embraer regional jets, Fokker and ATR.


Component Control has been selected by AJW Technique to provide its Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software to track repairs and overhauls down to the component level to control costs, improve turnaround times for customers, and boost productivity. It has also been selected by Intertrade, a Rockwell Collins company that supplies new and recertified engine and airframe parts; and Velocity Aerospace, a provider of component repair and overhaul services, avionics sales and installation, as well as distribution services.


Mxi Technologies has been selected by Southwest Airlines to take part in a collaborative planning and scoping phase aimed at determining how the Maintenix solution would be implemented at Southwest. As part of the engagement, Mxi is teaming with CAVOK, a division of Oliver Wyman, a leading aviation services and consulting firm, to jointly deliver strategic business process re-engineering and professional services.


PACE is supplying its Pacelab Cabin 7 aircraft configurator to Embraer. While earlier versions of the tool were used only for sales purposes, the upgrade will be deployed across departments to support the entire customisation process of the E-Jet E2 family from first customer contact to production hand-over. Pacelab Cabin 7 will provide all the customisation options available for a specific aircraft, from which the cabin configuration can be set up interactively to airline requirements. To avoid unnecessary revisions, the software automatically checks technical feasibility and compliance with FAR/JAR certification standards. The configuration can be displayed in high-quality 3D to show airline clients instantly how their choices affect the look of the cabin. 3D illustrations of the aircraft interior will also be included in the manufacturer’s commercial proposals and contractual documentation. Also part of Embraer’s software package is Pacelab Data Management, a central repository for managing the life cycle of customer projects and catalogue options, keeping tabs on their revision history and current status.


Ramco Systems has deployed a full suite of aviation solutions to provide MRO support for over 145 aircraft of Malaysia Airlines, replacing nine legacy systems. The Go-Live deployment was achieved in a record time of 11 months. The solution has equipped some 300 Malaysia Airlines engineers system-wide to access a future-ready enterprise software that allows them to automate or streamline many engineering functions, simplify compliance checks, and improve inventory management and hangar maintenance. By using bar code-enabled features and automation, the national carrier of Malaysia is now able to reduce time taken to move spares from suppliers to warehouses and hangars worldwide. The process will further improve efficiency and enable continuous airworthiness, thereby reducing AOG time. Billing and compliance with multiple regulator functions will enable Malaysia Airlines to improve efficiency and scale-up its MRO business to address third-party airlines worldwide. By July 2015, another 800 airline engineering and operational staff will be connected to the Ramco platform.


Ramco’s suite includes solutions for maintenance and engineering, procurement, advanced planning and optimisation, advanced reliability and Loadable Software Aircraft Parts. The platform can be installed on-site or through the cloud, with a flexibility that enables Malaysia Airlines to accommodate more business operations and integrate with existing IT systems for other functions.

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