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April 2016

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AerData has produced a seamless, two-way connector between its Global Electronic Asset Review System (GEARS) and Secure Technical Records for Electronic Asset Management (STREAM). GEARS is a digital tool designed to standardise data collection for routine audits and inspections, while STREAM is used to manage aircraft and engine records. The connector will enable automated audit and inspection data transfer from GEARS to STREAM, contributing to a centralised archive in STREAM. In addition, it will allow convenient document linking from STREAM to GEARS so that inspectors can simply populate their audit reports with valid data that has already been collected. For customers using GEARS, this will improve the quality of data entry in their technical audits, reducing the time required for on-site presence as well as the overall costs and risks normally associated with manual data entry.


Commsoft has signed a five-year contract with AviaSeven for 10 concurrent users of OASES. Although based in Greece, AviaSeven offers a full range of CAMO services to support private aircraft owners and commercial operators, as well as financiers and leasing companies, and currently has line maintenance operations in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Djibouti, and will soon have them at Cameroon and South Africa. The company plans to use OASES for the ongoing support of two Boeing 737-800s, one BAe 146-200, five Embraer regional jets and two ATR 72s on behalf of operators and lessors. AviaSeven has selected the core, airworthiness and planning modules which will be hosted on Commsoft’s OASES Cloud service. Implementation and initial training are scheduled to start immediately.


FLYdocs has been selected by US-based leasing company Intrepid Aviation to provide its aircraft data and records management platform for their fleet. The new deal also includes full scanning and associated aircraft technical services. FLYdocs will perform the on-site scanning and build of back-to-birth records in the FLYdocs system to provide a full maintenance history for each asset. The FLYdocs platform will give Intrepid Aviation visibility of, and instant access to, all records for its entire fleet. This includes online physical inspection reports (photos and videos captured via mobile apps) and aircraft records on a 24/7 basis anywhere in the world. It will enable Intrepid Aviation to easily identify what needs to be worked, or when aircraft are coming to the end of lease, ensuring it is an easy and smooth transaction for both the current and next operators. Under this contract, FLYdocs will also support mid-term physical inspections for the Intrepid Aviation fleet and has 20 scheduled throughout the course of 2016 across Asia and Europe.


Swiss AviationSoftware has announced that Evergreen Aviation Technologies is to become a development partner and launch customer for the AMOS MRO Edition, the latest version of its software that is due to become available in 2017.

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