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June 2017

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AerData and AerCap have extended a contract for AerData’s Corporate Management System (CMS). CMS provides a single platform that will facilitate the consolidation and management of data from various sources enabling full control and oversight of asset value, maintenance reserve obligations, contract information and technical details. CMS is web enabled and accessible 24/7 via a secure and encrypted internet connection.


Commsoft has announced that Acumen Aviation, a global aircraft asset manager based in Ireland, has selected its OASES MRO IT for a new CAMO operation. Acumen has chosen the Core, Airworthiness, Planning and Commercial modules together with an option to add the Materials module at a later date.


It is anticipated that Commsoft will work closely with Acumen’s team in Dublin, Ireland, to consider new market possibilities. Both parties will explore a potential agency agreement, with Acumen promoting OASES on a non-exclusive basis to its customers and market prospects. Acumen offers a full range of services throughout the lifecycle of any aircraft including aircraft sourcing, pre-purchase inspections (physical and records), project management, lease management and re-marketing, fleet audits, aircraft trading and powerplant management. Its customers include aircraft lessors, airlines, banks, and private equity investors. Since 2015, Acumen has had over 400 aircraft under varying forms of management.


Component Control has announced that PHS/MWA Aviation Services, a subsidiary of the Wencor Group, has selected Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software. Based in Temecula, CA, PHS/MWA Aviation Services operates six in-house repair shops with testing facilities and onsite engineering support. Its primary customers include United Airlines, FedEx and Delta Air Lines. The company’s 125 employees process more than 12,000 work orders, annually. It is the fourth Wencor Group to choose Quantum Control.


The Quantum Control MRO and Logistics solution installed at PHS/MWA Aviation Services operates on a highly scalable and secure Oracle database and includes a range of logistics and business modules, including Integrated Accounting, Barcode, Shop Control, Contact Manager, Document Imaging, Event Manager, Forms Designer, Publications, FedEx/UPS Integration, Screen Editor, Shipping Manager and StockMarket Integration.


Seabury Solutions has announced that SkyBahamas will adopt the Alkym/Aircraft Management and Control System modular MRO IT solution. The project is already underway, with the airline planning to implement nine of the available modules with the core technical and logistics functions. In addition, SkyBahamas will implement the QA and complete HR modules.


SITAONAIR has signed a contract with Air France to use its e-Aircraft DataCapture solution to capture, dissect and deliver high-quality, immediate aircraft data, significantly bolstering performance monitoring across the airline’s Airbus fleets. Deployment of DataCapture began in January 2017.


The way in which the e-Aircraft DataCapture system works is by collecting, compressing and encrypting an aircraft’s Quick Access Recorder or Digital ACMS Recorder data, and ensures it is automatically and immediately transmitted after landing, using 3G, to a ground server provided by SITAONAIR. The complete data is then sent to Air France’s data analysis system for instant analysis and response.

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