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May 2018

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FLYdocs has announced that Frontier Airlines has signed a long-term agreement to manage their aircraft fleet within the FLYdocs platform. Using the platform, Frontier will be able to keep all maintenance documentation current and up-to-date throughout the life of their assets; this will deliver significant process efficiencies during end of lease transitions, as well as protect asset value and enable compliance on demand.

As FLYdocs integrates with Frontier’s TRAX maintenance system, all relevant maintenance data will be uploaded into the FLYdocs platform, which will then automatically build compliance documentation in near real-time. This will provide Frontier with fully digitised end-to-end aircraft compliance management and enable Frontier to proactively manage its forthcoming aircraft transitions and ensure a smooth delivery program.


UTC Aerospace Systems has unveiled FlightSense, a new suite of repair and asset management services powered by its advanced prognostics and health management (PHM) solution, Ascentia. Together, FlightSense and Ascentia provide aircraft operators with real-time data and advanced analytics to improve operational efficiency and increase reliability.

FlightSense is a simplified offering of service packages designed to accommodate the individual needs of airlines. With the launch of Ascentia, the latest evolution of the company’s PHM offering formerly known as Aircraft Systems Health Management (ASHM), UTC Aerospace Systems is including tiered data-driven insights to all FlightSense customers.

Ascentia utilises three core data analysis methods to improve aircraft reliability: physics-based modelling, statistical analysis and machine learning. UTC Aerospace Systems’ teams of technical specialists apply deep systems expertise to provide predictive maintenance recommendations and pre-emptive repairs to reduce unscheduled maintenance, reduce service interruptions and optimise shop visits.

FlightSense has three primary service options. FlightSense Repair, a pay-as-you-go repair option that provides transactional cost predictability; FlightSense Predictable, a repair dollar-per-hour service with predictable costs; FlightSense Available, an asset management dollar-per-hour offering with guaranteed asset availability with minimal upfront investment.

Each service offering allows customer to select from three tiers of support – Essential, Expert and Elite – enhancing the service offering with varying degrees of PHM, configuration and performance support.

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