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November 2019

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Component Control has announced the expanded integration between Quantum Control and Aeroxchange’s AeroRepair platform. Designed to provide effortless data sharing between MRO service providers, part sellers and their customers, the integration between Quantum Control and AeroRepair simplifies communication, increases accuracy, and reduces manual data entry. It allows repair facilities to easily accept and process customer orders, send acknowledgements and pricing estimates, update customers with estimated completion dates and send shipping notifications and billings from within Quantum.


Swiss-AviationSoftware has announced that TAP Maintenance & Engineering will manage its company-wide fleet maintenance activities with AMOS MRO Edition, including AMOSmobile and relying on the Swiss-AS Cloud Hosting solution. During the in-depth evaluation phase, all details of AMOS were extensively analysed and questioned by TAP in order to make sure that it is the best fit for the airline as well as the M&E unit. Portugalia Airlines (PGA), a subsidiary of TAP has been using AMOS since 2012, allowing TAP to see AMOS live in production and benefit from PGA’s long-term experience with AMOS and Swiss-AS.


TRAX has announced contracts with FrontierSpirit AirlinesSwiftair and WestJet.

            Frontier has rolled out most of the suite of eMobility Apps including: web applications Production and Line Control; iOS apps QuickTurn, TaskControl, and AeroDox; with plans for VisualCheck and EzStock next. The web-based Production and Line Control applications allow Crew Chiefs and Controllers to view the production and manpower data in an interactive dashboard to see all tasks, deadlines and nonroutine issues, as well as make job assignments. Line and Hangar employees use the QuickTurn, TaskControl and AeroDox apps for defect management, routine task cards and picklists, as well as record aircraft part number transactions and other related activities.

WestJet has successfully completed the first phase of their plans for mobilizing maintenance operations with TRAX eMobility apps. The QuickTurn iOS app is now in use. Having tasks, job cards and manuals on a tablet allow for online/offline access at the point of work for the AMEs which results in significant time and cost savings. Mechanics can conduct the necessary gate activity for aircraft defects upon landing or prior to takeoff. Features include: Delay Recording, Aircraft Part Number Transactions, Troubleshooting, Defects Deferrals or Closings, Dent Mapping, and Parts Requirements. The next phase is to add the TaskControl, AeroDox and Line Control apps. 

Spirit plans to launch the following eMobility Apps: QuickTurn, TaskControl, Line Control and EzStock. The apps are designed to provide real-time information and real-time transactions, allowing users to work from anywhere and automatically synchronizing when in WiFi or cellular range. By exploiting the potential of a system that is fully integrated with its Trax Maintenance and Engineering system, Spirit expects to increase its productivity and at the same time will decrease maintenance costs.

            Swiftair has chosen the TRAX eMobility suite of iOS and web-based Apps since it is already fully integrated into their Trax Maintenance and Engineering system. They plan to implement the following Apps: QuickTurn, TaskControl, AeroDox and Line Control.

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