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February 2019

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FLYdocs has announced a five-year contract with Swiss airlines SWISS and Edelweiss Air to use the FLYdocs platform for the ongoing management of their maintenance and engineering records across their entire respective fleets of 90 and 15 aircraft.

The airlines, which are also users of AMOS MRO software, will be the first organisations to benefit from just announced exclusive integration capabilities between the two platforms that have been developed in accordance with ATA standards. This will allow FLYdocs and AMOS users to benefit from:


  • Current Status (Airworthiness) – Automated exports from AMOS of ATA Spec2500 compliant status reports such as ADs, SBs, modification status, component listings and repairs can be automatically linked to their associated digital documentation, as soon as they are uploaded from the MRO, line stations or other locations. Once within FLYdocs, this information provides users with real-time compliance reports of the current status of their fleet.
  • Work Package Management – AMOS users can now transfer planned, open and closed work packages and their work orders to FLYdocs. FLYdocs again attaches associated documentation to work orders, providing MRO engineers and back office support teams with instant access to actionable and verified data to enable them to perform their tasks more efficiently, and to easily provide proof of compliance of closed work orders.

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