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The March issue of Airline Cargo Management is now online

Posted on 15 February 2018


The March issue of Airline Cargo Management is now online

Stay on top of all the latest industry news and market developments this spring with the March issue of Airline Cargo Management.

There are promising developments in North America, with the building of a new cargo terminal at New York’s JFK airport intended to solve the regions capacity problem. There are also encouraging signs on the US-Mexico border, where US operators are forging greater ties with their southern neighbour despite protectionist rhetoric from the White House.

Meanwhile, economic recovery in Brazil is driving growth in South America. Foreign investment spurred by the privatisation of airports including Rio de Janeiro’s Jobim Galeão and Salvador’s Magalhães is helping to improve efficiency and drive volumes further.

And already one of the busiest trade lanes for pharmaceuticals, operators are reporting increasing demand across the transatlantic, with Delta Cargo and Virgin Atlantic recording growing volumes.

Also in this issue:


Size isn’t everything
Air freight plays a crucial role in supporting modern lifestyles in remote locations, with operators ensuring high-standards of life continues for the communities of the Aer Arann Islands, Saint-Pierre-et Miquelon and the
Isles of Scilly.

Freighter fantastic
We report on the arrival of Turkish Cargo’s new Boeing 777 Freighters,
with the first one landing in Istanbul in December of last year.

Europe’s golden tulip
One of the world’s gateways to Europe, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport will have to innovate to meet demand, as restrictions from the Dutch government mean capacity will be stretched.

Leading lights
Sergey Lazarev, General Director at AirBridgeCargo discusses the carrier’s performance in 2017 and its plans for the future.

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